PT. Sinar Alum Sarana

Company Policy

PT. Sinar Alumsarana specialized in the manufacturing of Die Casting and Machining Components for Automotive and Industrial Application, is committed to :

  • Customer Satisfaction is No. 1.
    This commitment of Excellent Services and Customer Satisfaction must be understood and performed by all members of PT Sinar Alumsarana.
  • Provide competitive cost, Quality as customers' specifications  with punctual delivery time.
  • Development of Human Resources, Implement Strict Safety Regulation and Become an Environmental Friendly Company that follows government rules and requirements.
  • Run a responsible management system that establish long-term relationship with customers, stakeholder (society and government), and everyone in  PT Sinar Alumsarana

Management and all employees are fully committed to do continuous improvement by setting  specific targets each year. Performance of this Quality System, Environmental Management System and Yearly Targets will be monitored and reviewed periodically to ensure that Our Commitments are fulfilled.